July 23, 2019


Hobo Johnson Does ASMR with Slime, Talks Living Out of His Car and "Typical Story"

Hobo Johnson isn't your typical rapper. Not only does the Sacramento native along intertwine the sounds of both rock and hip-hop, he makes sure his music has a purpose and can help those listening to it. We thought it was only right to have the indie artist in for this episode of Mind Massage

Before becoming "Hobo Johnson," he was 19-year-old Frank Lopes, living out of his 1994 Toyota Corolla after getting kicked out of his parents house. However, the Peach Stone artist used that time to develop and perfect his emerging career. 

"I made the first few songs I released in that car, started playing open mics and playing more often," he whispers.

 You such circumstances would discourage Hobo Johnson from continuing his dream, however it did the complete opposite. After one of his shows, he was also introduced to his now band The Lovemakers.

"We started playing more shows and the other day we played a show for homeless youth in Sacramento," he tells us while getting into some slime ASMR. The 24-year-old makes it his duty to help youth in anyway he can because he knows the struggle first hand. 

With an upcoming world tour and new music on the way,  you could say Hobo is now living his best life. He strives to let his fans know to never give up and to look at him for inspiration. 

Oh, and something else to get you excited: Hobo just announced new music coming soon! Make sure to follow him and massage your mind to the full video above. Be sure to check out our other recent Mind Massages and let us know who you want next on our YouTube channel!