Ugly God Does A Zen-Inspired ASMR, Talks Overcoming Depression and New Album

More than ever musicians and rappers are becoming advocates for mental health. Ugly God is one of those who isn't "afraid" to tell it how it is. Fresh off the release of his debut album "Bumps & Bruises" we couldn't think of someone appropriate for this zen edition of Mind Massage

It's been a while since we heard from the "Water" rapper but you might remember him as one of the many promising rappers on XXL 2017 Freshman list. Since, the Houston native has overcome his battle with depression and has no problem letting his millions of "supporters" know how difficult it was for him to get out.

"I went through some real personal sh-t. I completely got off the internet because that was an all day every day's important to overcome your bumps and bruises" the "Batman" rapper whispered before lighting sage to perfect the energy in the room.  

In the midst of fame and everything that comes with it, at the end of the day the "Lost In The Sauce" rapper remains humble.

"Me going through what I went through really brought me back down to earth," he told Fuse. "At the end of the day we're all people and go through sh-t."

Set with a renewed energy, he's continuing to bring the heat and consistency when it comes to music. While working on his debut album, he simultaneously "working on my [his] next project". 

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