Young Dolph & Key Glock Do ASMR with Ketchup and Mustard, Talk "Dum and Dummer"

Young Dolph & Key Glock Do ASMR with Ketchup and Mustard, Talk "Dum and Dummer"

We've taken notice of how much you all enjoy our duo Mind Massages, and were happy bring you another one with Young Dolph and Key Glock. The two midwest rappers have infectious personalities on their own, but joined forces on their newest project, "Dum and Dummer," and proved that teamwork really makes the dream work. 

Between the two rappers stands about a dozen mixtapes and/or albums and they are nowhere close to stopping. The "Water on Water on Water" rappers have known each other all their lives, so collaborating on their most recent project came easy. 

"We were about to drop a song, but ended up dropping the whole mixtape," Young Dolph whispered. 

Honestly, the two seem more like brothers to us. They exemplify a certain confidence and self motivation about both their lives and music. 

"Being confident will help you a lot in your career," Dolph whispered to Fuse. It gives you the attitude you need to have in this game; to not care about what nobody else think" 

Did you enjoy this episode of Mind Massage? Make sure to massage your mind with the full video above to watch the "Dum and Dummer" rappers experiment with car keys and even hear Key Glock whisper some of his favorite lyrics from the album. Be sure to check out our other recent Mind Massages and let us know who you want next on our YouTube channel!