From Soundcheck to Stage with Rich The Kid at Chicago's House of Blues

From Soundcheck to Stage with Rich The Kid at Chicago's House of Blues

Whether he's in the studio or on-stage, Rich The Kid is one artist who exemplifies "work hard play hard." With a debut album titled "The World Is Yours," Rich makes sure everything he puts into the universe becomes gold. While we often see the end product of hours long sets and shows, it's imperative to note the hard work that goes on before and behind the scenes. We caught up with the "Save That" rapper before his sold out Lollapalooza After-Party show at the infamous House of Blues in Chicago.

While we see Rich The Kid on stage, he notes how important it is to have a great team that he can trust behind him.

"The thing that makes me the most proud is his growth...where he is now, he kind of encourages all of us to never settle," Rich's manager John Miller says.

Even though his set doesn't begin until a little after midnight, the "Plug Walk" rapper makes sure he's attentive and present hours before at soundcheck to prepare and secure any last-minute details. 

"I had a festival where I had to preform late and the sound of the mic had an echo, but we didn't get to do soundcheck. Sometimes stuff like that happens when you're not prepared and you just gotta work with what you have," the "New Freezer" rapper says. 

While some artists may drown themselves in D'Usse and/or Don Julio to release some nerves before their set, Rich is the opposite. It's somewhat like "the calm before the storm." Rather than stress, he likes to relax, while also dropping gems to his team about motivation and ownership. 

"My vision and their vision is important to me...investing in their self and their own companies and following their dreams. It's not that many so they've all been with me from the jump," Rich shares. 

With a crazy, chart-topping setlist and a trustworthy DJ and crew, it's no surprise why the "Dead Friends" rapper has so many engaged and dedicated fans that LITERALLY had to floor bouncing.

For the CEO and boss, it's important to leave a lasting impact on the world and that would be "Rich Forever".