October 16, 2019


Gashi Rates Albanian Dishes while Reminiscing on His Immigrant Roots

In Fuse's latest series 'Chew It Up', we're exploring culture and identity of our favorite artists through their favorite food, and we're continuing the momentum with Gashi

You may know some of the Brooklyn-bred rapper's hits, such as "Creep on Me" and "DISRESPECTFUL", but Gashi is the epitome of "self-made". Not only did his Albanian family immigrate to the United States with little to their name as refugees, bit Gashi himself was working as a janitor right up until he was singed to the iconic Roc Nation. Fresh after the release of his self-titled album "Gashi" we thought it was the perfect time to introduce the multifaceted rapper to 'Chew It Up'.

Make sure to watch with the full video above to watch Gashi rate some traditional Albanian dishes and be sure let us know who you want next on our YouTube channel!