October 1, 2019


Travis Thompson Does A Birthday Inspired ASMR

Yeah there's clubs and bars, but we can't think of any other way to spend your birthday other than experimenting the world of ASMR with Fuse.  Rapper Travis Thompson rapper stopped by our studio on what happened to be his 23rd birthday and of course we had to give him a special birthday celebration for our latest edition of Mind Massage.

Hailing from a small suburb right outside of Seattle, the "Malice" rapper knew at young age that music was his calling. Unlike many, he discovered his love for rap and music at a local skatepark. Initially skating was just a hobby, but it ultimately introduced him to his passion. 

"When I went to the skatepark I was introduced to all types of music," he whispered to Fuse. I went home that night and I downloaded every Wayne mixtape I could find, whatever Gucci mixtape I could find, whatever Three 6 [Mafia], whatever names they were telling me at the skatepark."

After working various random jobs and spending his money on studio time, he eventually was led to one of his mentors, Macklemore. The "Thrift Shop" rapper coached and educated Travis through his "rap camp" program, "The Residency" which is open to low income youth who have a desire to pursue hip-hop and music as a career.

"Every-time I go to a show, it's being opened by one of the kids that are in the program, the "Mobbin'" whispers. He makes it his duty to give back and ultimately stay relevant in culture.

His new album, 'Reckless Endangerment' not only showcases his hard hitting rap skills but also is a metaphor of a viral news clip he saw.   

"I saw a news clip of a girl pushing her friend off a bridge. She got charged with reckless endangerment. It felt like a metaphor, I kind of pushed my friends off the bridge into this life that were living in," the "Need You" rapper whispered. He wanted to make sure his album was relatable while still giving the infamous "Seattle" sound.

Did you enjoy this episode of Mind Massage? Make sure to massage your mind with the full video above to watch Travis Thompson experiment with more of your favorite birthday treats! Be sure to check out our other recent Mind Massages and let us know who you want next on our YouTube channel!