February 11, 2020


Ceraadi Upgrades A Basic Grilled Cheese Into A $462 Extravagant Sandwich

The bond between two sisters is something no one can get in the middle of. Ceraadi continues to prove that teamwork makes the dreamwork, especially when it comes to their brand. The LA duo continues to strive in everything they do, whether it be their YouTube channel, dance skills or music! 

Even though it may seem as the "Loyal" superstars has "made it", attending the Roc Nation brunch and so much more; they still like all of us has that one "struggle meal". Welcome to 'Struggle Gourmet' where your favorite artists come in and make their "struggle meal" lavish and expensive! 

Watch as the "Body" duo finds out if a fancy $462 grilled cheese is better than a regular degular one in #StruggleGourmet. Also be sure let us know what you think on our YouTube channel.