February 3, 2020


Wolftyla & Her Manager Take A Lie Detector Test

From her infamous "butt naked nasty or nah" Vine, Wolftyla has certainly come a long way. After the death of Vine, which were still coping with, the New York native flipped her fan base into millions and beyond by continuing to be her true authentic self! The singer-songwriter reminds us throughout her music that she isn't immune to heartbreak and negativity, but that she's growing and evolving just like us. We decided to bring in the "All Tinted" songstress to take our infamous Lie Detector test  where we left nothing behind, including if she wrote Megan Thee Stallion's "Simon Says", after reports came out that Wolftyla was associating herself in the record for clout.  

Even though the two work very closely together, there's definitely some secrets the "Candy" singer is hiding from her manager. Find out if Wolftyla has ever cheated in a relationship and is she the best to come from Vine? Find out and as always let us know who you want to see subjected to our Lie Detector next!