October 9, 2020


Struggle Gourmet Coming Soon!

Before they were successful, celebrities had to rely on ‘struggle meals’ just like everyone else. Do or die, just trying to get by. Now, on Struggle Gourmet, your favorite stars and our host Dariany Santana cook up those basic dishes with the most extraordinary ingredients we can find! And then decide which version is better. Deluxe or original? (What’s better, a cheap packet of instant noodles or a pricey bowl of fancy ramen? A classic PB&J or a sandwich worth half your rent?) On Struggle Gourmet, we don’t just make fancy burgers and lavish donuts, we also explore the strange and exotic ingredients that elevate these dishes, and explore the local businesses, artisans and growers who curate them.

Season 1 of Struggle Gourmet begins Tuesday, October 13 2020 at 1130P EST only on Fuse!