April 27, 2016


Escape From the Zoombies: Play the 'Zoombies' Game

Can You Stay Alive in Our "Escape From the Zoombies" Game?

Savage, flesh-eating zoo animals unleash in horror sensation Zoombies, and it's up to a team of zoology interns to stop them. However, evading mutant giraffes, koalas, gorillas, and the like proves to be challenging—and not everyone makes it out alive.

But, surely, YOU have what it takes to lead your crew to safety. In Fuse's exclusive "Escape From the Zoombies" game, we put you in the hot seat and test your zoombie-dodging skills. Hop in your Jeep and cruise toward the finish line, but make sure to keep an eye on your health tank! You're armed with a shotgun, but those killer parrots are ruthless.