From the Vault

From the Vault: Killswitch Engage

From kidnapping to vaseline-laden pre-show rituals, look back at 8 years of our best interview bites with metal band, Killswitch Engage

Killswitch Engage haven’t just sat down with us a bunch, they’ve even commandeered an interview from one of our unsuspecting hosts! When not kidnapping and subduing Juliya, though, they’ve given us the skinny on some kick ass videos, how they took a page from icon Ronnie James Dio, hanging out with the late Dime Bag Darrell, and bringing metal to stages of Warped Tour, Taste of Chaos, and The Bamboozle. Relive our favorite Killswitch Engage moments in this episode of From the Vault.

About From the Vault:
Throughout the years, Fuse has spent a lot of time interviewing a lot of incredible musicians. Reflecting on the channel’s rich history, we decided to blow the doors off our tape library and pull some of the best archive material with some of your favorite artists “from the vault.”

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