Karen O: "'Gangnam Style' Brought Me to Tears"

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman said Psy's viral hit made her mascara run
Mark Metcalfe

Do you remember the first time you first saw Psy's "Gangnam Style"? If you're 95% of the population, you probably laughed and then found yourself compelled to hit the replay button. If you are Karen O, however, you were sobbing.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer stopped by Australia's Triple J Radio and spoke about her surprisingly emotional response to a song that includes the refrain, "Heyyyyyyyy…. Sexy ladies!"

"I'm half-Korean and all my life I've been waiting for Korea to be on the [musical] radar," Karen O said. "Rad stuff has been coming out of Japan for a while now, and I was waiting for Korea to get with the program. And man, are they ever with the program now. 

"There's an offbeat Korean sense of humor, and that's what people responded to," Ms. O opined. "So it made me really happy and I did cry the first time I saw it, which is a really strange reaction to 'Gangnam Style.'"

Speaking of crying, that was exactly what I did when I learned there was a new YYYs album dropping April 16 (awesome!) and then realized it had this hideous cover. Tragic.

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