Lady Gaga Wants to Give Lawsuit Money to Fight Assistant's Breast Cancer

Mother Monster's former assistant is suing her for unpaid overtime, but Gaga has other plans for the cash: help her current assistant battle cancer
Kevin Casey

Turns out Lady Gaga's not so hateful after all! After saying eight bitchy things about her former assistant, who's suing her for unpaid overtime, the pop star is showing her loving side, saying she will use that money to pay for her current assistant's breast cancer treatment.

Gaga said in the courtroom that the ex-assistant, Jennifer O'Neill, "deserves every dollar of her $75,000 that we agreed to. But she does not deserve a penny more."

Instead, Gaga said she plans to give that amount to another employee, her current assistant. "I’m going to give all the money she wants to my employees that work hard for me and deserve it," she allegedly said. "I am going to give it to Sonja for her breast cancer, for her mastectomy."

Rather than let O'Neill "go to Intermix and buy herself a new tube top," as she said last week, Gaga looks set on maintaining a better relationship with her current assistant.


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