February 6, 2012


11 Funniest Tweets About the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Amy Sussman
Amy Sussman

Last night during the Super Bowl halftime show, Madonna briefly held the record, previously Beyonce's, for inspiring the most tweets per second, until the last few minutes of the actual Super Bowl game snatched the record from Madonna. There were 8,000 tweets per second coming in during the halftime show, all of which I read and formed opinions on. Then, to write this post, I disregarded those millions of tweets and collected the 11 funniest tweets about the halftime show by famous comedians/writers/satirical newspapers, which are much funnier than even the funniest non-famous person's tweets. If you think you saw funnier tweets, throw 'em in the comments.

11. Gaga looks terrible
Danny Zuker (writer/executive producer, Modern Family), @dannyzuker

10. If Twitter had a head coach, right now they'd be saying, "This Madonna halftime show is YOUR moment!"
Seth Meyers (comedian), @sethmeyers21

9. Really looking forward to halftime, big Madonna fan. Tho she is getting older - Justin Timberlake is standing by to rip her clothes ON 
Bill Maher (TV personality), @billmaher

8. Fuck, I had no idea Chelsea Handler was performing at halftime.
Alex Sulkin (comedian/famous tweeter), @thesulk 

7. Madonna is so obviously dance-syncing right now. #superbowl
Rob Corddry (comedian), @robcorddry 

6. NFL: "Madonna's message of 'world peace' does not reflect the views of the National Football League"
The Onion (satirical newspaper), @theonion

5. What's bigger & veinier; Madonna's arm or Tom Brady's dick?
Rob Delaney (comedian), @robdelaney

4. Joan Rivers did an amazing halftime show.
Michael Ian Black (comedian), @michaelianblack

3. Enjoying this rerun of Carol Channing's halftime show from Super Bowl IV #lateshowwriters #superbowl
Joe Grossman (Writer, Late Show with David Letterman), @joegrossman

2. BREAKING: NFL Says Lady Gaga Will Do Halftime Show When She Can Barely Walk Anymore #SuperBowl
Andy Borowitz (comedian, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air creator), @borowitzreport

1. Annnnnnd Madonna continues to turn into Willem Dafoe.
Kelly Oxford (famous tweeter), @kellyoxford