March 24, 2012


New Order On Avoiding Satan Via Art Shows

When Fuse spoke to New Order on the first day of the annual electronic music Mecca known as Ultra Fest, the dance-rock pioneers said part of the reason they write music is just to keep out of trouble.

"If this [tour] goes okay, sure, we might record some new music," lead singer Bernard Sumner told us. "We might even start before the end of it, because on our days off we do things like go visit art galleries, cultural things to keep us out the hands of Satan. And there's only so much of that you can do before you break. And we don't want to break, so maybe we'll start writing some music on tour. Maybe."

It might not come across in print, but if you watch the video above you can tell that he was joking—New Order isn't really writing tunes to save themselves from eternal damnation. They merely have a breaking point when it comes to art museum overload.

They also keep busy by checking out other bands. "I personally want to see Miike Snow because I really like their stuff," bassist Tom Chapman told us. (Fuse spoke with Miike Snow as well: They were psyched to be on the same bill as New Order.) For his part, Sumner intended to see electronic elder statesmen Kraftwerk in Miami.

Sumner also explained why New Order began melding previously disparate genres of music in the first place. "New Order really was a band that started out as a hybrid of rock music and dance music. We listen to both types of music, so why not make both types of music? You listen to a rock track at home but then go out to a club and listen to dance music. So it seemed a logical step…why limit yourself to one genre?"