April 11, 2012


The Protomen Explain Why "Mega Man" Inspired Their Band's Existence

Fuse's Dan Brown caught up Nintendo-inspired hard rockers the Protomen when they performed at PAX East, Boston's annual showcase of all things related to gaming culture.

Speaking with four out of the bands nine members, Dan learned why a bunch of guys from Murfreesboro, TN, were compelled to start recording rock operas based on their love for a 1987 Nintendo game.

"The first batch of Mega Man cartridge games that came out on NES had some of the toughest music backing up the action that we'd ever heard. It inspired us to make our own jams," singer Raul Panther tells Fuse. "We thought this is a very excellent good-and-evil story line that we wanted to expand upon and make it a little tougher, a little darker."

Although it sounds a touch similar to the thriving Chiptune music movement—songs made using revamped NES consoles—that Dan investigated a while ago, the Protomen say they identify more with classic rock bands.  

"It's more like if Styx had played too many Nintendo games when they were writing their records," explains synth-player Commander B. Hawkins. "And had a shitload less money."

For the full interview with the Protomen—including info about their upcoming album Act III—check out the video above.