May 4, 2012


Kanye West Releases "Lost in the World" Video Right On Time

Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy came out 18 months ago, but King Yeezy cares not for your conventional release schedule or videos timed to their album. The rapper unexpectedly dropped a video for his Bon Iver-collaborating track "Lost in the World," which you can see in all its epileptic glory above.

Undeterred by off-putting stripper shoes and yawning New York Times headlines, West continues his assault on the fashion world, hiring fashion filmmaker Ruth Hogben and photographer Nick Knight to helm the artsy video.

If you believe Knight's completely objective opinion of Hogben's video, this "piece breaks the mould of popular rap aesthetics while still celebrating the extraordinary talent that has made West a modern icon." Maybe, maybe not. Decide for yourself by clicking on the triangle Kanye is about to eat above.