May 10, 2012


Nickelback Like To Blow Stuff Up

When Nickelback stopped by our office to discuss their "flying stage" and respond to YouTube comments, they also told us about the historical friendly pyro competition at MuchMusic Video Awards, the annual Canadian awards show. "They always let us bring as much pyro and explosives to the show as we want to bring," said frontman Chad Kroeger. "It's an ongoing joke now [with the other artists] like, 'Well, how much is Nickelback bringing because we have to bring more than Nickelback.' It turns into this massive competition as to who's going blow up what and how much stuff is going to get blown up at the MuchMusic Video Awards."

Check out the video above for the full story and to see if there will be more pyro and explosions, catch the MMVAs live on Fuse on June 17.