July 26, 2012


Lady Gaga Fans: Here's Your Chance To Direct Her New Music Video!

Lady Gaga's a true G—she's always bringing her homies along for the ride. Mother Monster, who's the biggest advocate for her millions of fans, is now giving one lucky one the chance to direct one of Gaga's future music videos. (I wish Hanson did this in 1997. I would have won.)

Lady Gaga and pal/makeup artist Tara Savelo took to Gaga's social network, littlemonsters.com, to announce the "Monstervision" film project: "Send us a video, a film, that shows us how you would like to shoot me," Gaga says. "We will choose our favorite and you will film a video for us for the album...It'll be one of the videos featured with one of the songs."

The "Born This Way" singer also reveals that she'll be making a "film" for every song on her upcoming "irresponsible album" (!!!), and the fan-directed video will be premiered on "something new that [Gaga] will be telling [us] about in the future." It's all very mysterious, but would it be a Gaga project if it wasn't?

So get to filming, Gaga fans! From our understanding, the girl likes some weird stuff in her videos. And sax solos