August 16, 2012


Hot Rocker Babes Galore in Green Day’s "Lustful" "Oh Love" Video

After a series of album trailers and teasers and even a 3D video, Green Day finally released the first music video from their upcoming album trilogy!

The power-poppy "Oh Love" single–from ¡Uno!, out September 25—is the subject of a rather straightforward "watch the band lip sync their new tune" music video. Except this clip has one surprise addition to the formula—hot women! The band is surrounded by models who make pouty faces at the camera when they're not busy looking aloof. Attractive models and rock stars? That's something you don't see every day!

You can watch the clip above, which Billie Joe Armstrong describes as such: "It's very lustful, which is kind of a subject we haven't gotten into in a long time." Given their extensive political songwriting over the last decade, I suppose Green Day can be excused for indulging in some unabashed partying with models in their latest video.

Also! Watch a recap of the video below, courtesy of Fuse host Dan Brown.