August 9, 2012


Exclusive: Slipknot Singer Doesn't Recall Finishing Set After Passing Out

Remember when Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor passed out from heat exhaustion onstage last month in Dallas? Rocker that he is, Taylor somehow managed to finish the set. The thing is, Taylor has absolutely no memory of it. When Fuse spoke with the metal singer, he told us exactly what happened… well, at least what he remembers of it.

"I basically blacked out for the last two songs, but I finished the show. I have no memory of the last two songs. I woke up backstage with an oxygen mask on and Chris Fehn [drummer] taking my shoes off—which is very weird—and my wife making sure I was okay. And I immediately started freaking out, thinking, 'Oh my God, we had to cut the show short.' And she was like, 'No, you finished it.' And I was like, 'Excuse me, I did what?' That's terrifying in a weird way. It makes me go back and think, 'How many other shows have I finished where I have no idea what happened?'"

Yep, that is some scary stuff.

Taylor tells us why he thinks he blacked out in the first place: "It was really hot to begin with but because we use so much fire and we're in these buildings that are shaped so the heat doesn't dissipate, it all really builds up. And because we're firing off propane, it eats up a lot of the oxygen on the stage. This is all what I've put together."

The lesson? You need oxygen to deliver a killer live set, but you don't need to be able to remember it. Second lesson: Corey Taylor is the man.

If you're interested in wearing the Slipknot mask but don't want to worry about blacking out from heat exhaustion, the band (via the Internet) has your back: Slipknot's Wear the Mask app for the iPhone and Android is totally worth checking out (that is, if you can handle what Apple dubs "suggestive themes" and "frequent/intense profanity"). So get it! After all, Slipknot is the most significant metal band of the last decade—something their collection Antennas To Hell makes abundantly clear.