September 30, 2012


Bon Iver, Jack White, Metric & More: Fuse Music Week By the Numbers

Lennon & Stewart for Fuse
Lennon & Stewart for Fuse

After Radio City Music Hall concerts from Bon Iver, Grizzly Bear, Gotye, Metric, AVICII (an EDM first!) and Saturday night's short and abruptly-concluded set from Mr. Jack White, Fuse Music Week is coming to a close. OMG, what happen at New York City's most storied and gorgeous venue, you ask? Good question. Luckily, we have answers.

Here we break the week down, numbers style. How many times did a concertgoer root-on the home state of Bon Iver? We have the answer. How many high kicks did Metric singer Emily Haines unleash? Yep, we have that too. Get the breakdown of Fuse Music Week below. Yay, fun with numbers! And be sure to check out our Fuse Music Week photo gallery, too.

Jack White, By the Numbers:

Number of White Stripes songs: 4 

Number of times White complained about the supposedly muted crowd: 3

Number of encores over 2 nights: 1 

Number of times White compared the crowd to an NPR convention: 1 

Number of Dead Weather tunes: 1

Bon Iver, By the Numbers:

Number of people on stage with Bon Iver: Approximately 1 million. Actually 8

Number of times someone in the audience screamed "YEAH WISCONSIN": 2

Number of girls in front of me trying to actually dance to "Skinny Love": 2

Number of people in the audience not singing along to "The Wolves (Act I and II): 0

Avicii, By the Numbers

Glow ratio of cell phones to glow sticks: 3-1

Number of times the beat dropped: 15 

Number of previous EDM artists to headline Radio City: 0

Minutes of concert left before he dropped "Levels": 8

Number of dudes with open shirts: 17

Metric, By the Numbers

Number of hip twists performed by frontwoman Emily Haines during live standout "Empty": 8

Number of emulated hip twists performed by members of audience during same song: At least 3

Number of Emily Haines high kicks throughout the show: Approximately 382

Number of Jimmy Shaw high kicks: 0

Number of extended instrumental synth jams: 2 ("Dead Disco," "Empty")

Number of special guests: 1 (Lou Reed)

Number of additional special guests needed after Lou Reed came out to make this show f--kin' epic: 0

Number of admitted crushes on Emily heard throughout the crowd: At least 3

Grizzly Bear, By the Numbers

Number of large, bizarre candle-like jellyfish props on stage: 18

Number of grandmas who flew in from Texas to see their grandson perform: 1 (Singer Ed Droste's)

Number of times frontman Ed Droste thanked someone: Approximately 38

Number of reminders for social action mentioned to the crowd: 1 (National Voter Registration Day)

Number of acoustic songs led by crowd handclaps: 1 ("All We Ask")

Number of other bands mentioned by audience members after show: At least 3 (Bon Iver, Dirty Projectors, Animal Collective)

Gotye, By the Numbers

Number of spots Gotye sang from: 3

Number of people drumming at one time: 3

Number of times Gotye used a sampler to make his voice sound like the devil: 1

Approximate number of people standing before "Somebody That I Used to Know": 7

Approximate number of people standing during "Somebody That I Used to Know": Everyone

Number of small children who spilled their drink on me: 1

Number of times I accidentally walked into Gotye's dressing room: 1