September 18, 2012


Is Ke$ha Planning a Collaboration With Rihanna?

Ke$ha confuses the hell out of us on a regular basis (not that we particularly mind). The latest source of randomness from the "Tik Tok" singer: this photo she tweeted of a Waffle House waitress holding up a napkin with an "R" on it. Is it just us, or does it look eerily similar to the the "R" featured on Rihanna's 2011 album, Talk That Talk. Her caption for the photo—"what's it all mean???"—isn't doing much to dispel the rumor. There is either a Ke$ha/Rihanna collaboration or in the works or this Waffle House waitress is Ke$ha's new tour manager. We'd be okay with both of those outcomes. 

More news, Ke$ha fans: Those of you who've spent the last week trying to learn the melody to the "Blow" singer's whistled preview of her new single, "Die Young," you now have a real(-ish) snippet of the song to memorize! Ke$ha uploaded another preview of the upcoming single (posted below), and this time she's actually singing the song (a cappella) on the Tokyo subway. Shout out to the woman throwing Ke$ha some major shade at 0:06 - 0:12. I've watched this video seven times now just for those six seconds.