Wonder Girls Talk About Their Favorite One Direction Member

FUSE TV - Wonder Girls Talk About Their Favorite One Direction Member

When Fuse followed K-Pop sensations Wonder Girls around New York for a day, we learned a lot of things about them aside from their incredible ability to break into Gangnam Style dancing at a moment's notice.

For starters, they're all big One Direction fans and are totally up for a collabo. As they point out, it just makes sense: "Five boys and five girls." Let's call it.... Wondirection! A match made in pop heaven.

One particular 1D member stands out to Lim though. "Louis Tomlinson," Lim says when prodded to name her fave. "He's the oldest one in the group and the reason that I like him is he's the goofy one in the group. I feel like I can resemble that."

Yenny also tells us how the quintet deals with being around each other constantly. "Sometimes we might need some space because we have to be together for 24 hours," she admits. "But we find peace with each other and respect each other and love each other."

To see the girls rehearsing their between-song banter in English (which isn't their first language), watch the full video above.