October 30, 2012


Did Ellie Goulding and Skrillex Split Up?

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Getty Images

Prepare for the world's first dubstep song about heartbreak: Ellie Goulding recently split up with Skrillex, according to unconfirmed reports in Us Weekly and The Sun.

Two sources told Us Weekly that the split was due to distance (he lives in Los Angeles, while she lives in London) and general busyness. 

"It's over," one source reportedly said. "There's no bad blood. Just a classic case of long distance being impossible. They hope to remain good friends."

"It just happened. Their schedules are just too crazy," the second source reportedly added. "Work schedules and distance took their toll. She's fine though."

Skrillex's spokesperson declined to comment.

But it was the dubstep superstar's work ethic that first attracted Goulding. "One of the reasons that we first liked each other is that we're both very motivated and we work really hard. We just want to make good music and tour and I think, you know, we motivate each other," the singer told TIME in August.

After last week's Taylor Swift-Conor Kennedy split, did we really need another reminder of the fleeting nature of young love? Here's hoping Goulding makes like Swift and gets a pizza deal and sells a million records in one week to lessen the emotional blow.

And if you're looking for a more direct way to help Goulding get past her heartbreak, you can vote for her in our Top 40 video poll! She made it to the second round, but her "Lights" video is facing tough competition from No Doubt's "Settle Down."