November 13, 2012


Chris Brown on His Taliban Halloween Costume: "Get Over It, People"

Imeh Akpanudosen
Imeh Akpanudosen

During a recent visit to L.A.'s Power 106, Chris Brown had a little advice for all those who were offended by his Halloween costume. Brown dressed as a member of the Taliban for Halloween, and he made it loud and clear that he doesn't care what you think.

After asking listeners to turn their radios up, Brown gave us the following "explanation" of his costume: "It's f---ing Halloween! It's a motherf---ing pagan holiday! We dress our kids up as satans, demons, little goblins and all this other s---. Get over it, people! I was dressed as the people we killed... Bin Laden! And everybody who really mad about it: f--- y'all." Chris Brown's swear jar is so full right now.

Not everyone had the same NBD opinion about Chris' costume as he did—he got blasted in the press for the ensemble which came not long after Chris premiered one of his latest tattoos, a sugar skull on his neck that many thought resembled a beaten woman. Brown's mother, however, came to his defense on Twitter after Halloween, telling everyone who was concerned with the costume to "GET A LIFE" (all caps).

Are we the only ones who are glad Brown's "statement" about dressing up as the Taliban didn't go public on Veteran's Day?

Watch Chris drop 100 f-bombs in the video below. The Halloween clip stars around 4:40.