December 17, 2012


Chris Brown Not a Fan of His Fat Fans

Brendon Thorne/Getty Images
Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

Musician/PR disaster/walking cautionary tale Chris Brown took to Instagram to let another glowing aspect of his personality shine: Turns out he hates his fat fans! Because a body-accepting Chris Brown wouldn't be the Chris Brown we know and love.

Just weeks after the Twitter war with comedian Jenny Johnson that prompted the "Turn Up The Music" singer to quit the social network (for almost a week!), Chris was back voicing his insightful opinions on Instagram. After a few of his fans remarked that they thought Brown looked "too skinny" as of late, Chris brushed up on his Shakespeare and replied in a quite eloquent manner:

The funniest sh-- is the comments on me being too skinny! Half of y’all b-----s are super obese and fat as f---! I dance and workout constantly! It’s called being healthy. Some need stop running their mouth and get that fat a-- on a treadmill. I can hear u wheezing on my comments.

It's no wonder Rihanna can't let this one go! Between his neck tattoo, his creative Halloween costume ideas and his penchant to get into night club fights, Chris Brown really is a catch.