December 5, 2012


Pay "atTENTion" to M.I.A.'s New Jam

John Sciulli
John Sciulli

Now that M.I.A.'s art book is out, it's album time, yeah? While Matangi, her fourth studio LP and follow up to 2010's Maya, was rumored to drop sometime around now before being slid to 2013, we're at least getting a taste. The new jam, "atTENTion," does a frantic pitch-shifting slide every time the word "tent" pops up in a word or phrase, and that's just the cherry on the track's wildness-sundae. Ms. Arulpragasam shouts out Wu-Tang Clan—"there's 36 chambers in my Wu tent"—and chants her way through the whole glitchy-as-hell four minutes, getting us more intrigued by Matangi than ever. And don't forget—this is the record she dubbed "Paul Simon on acid."