January 8, 2013


Double Your Bieber: Justin to Host AND Perform on 'Saturday Night Live'

Kevin Winter/DCNYRE2013
Kevin Winter/DCNYRE2013

After Justin Bieber not-so-subtly teased that he's hosting and performing on an episode of Saturday Night Live, Billboard confirmed it. Bieber is pulling double duty on the February 9 episode of SNL! I think it's safe to set your DVR. 

Bieber will join a surprisingly extensive list of musicians—Elton John, Britney Spears, Bruno Mars, Mick Jagger, Jennifer Lopez & many more—who have hosted and performed on the same episode of SNL

But how will Justin "As Long As You LOL Me" Bieber fare in the comedy realm? Well, if his last appearance was any indication, Justin definitely has the on-camera presence to pull this off (his sit-down with Dana Carvey's Church Lady was incredible).  

And while we know nothing else about Bieber's upcoming SNL stint, I've compiled a brief wishlist of things I'd like to see Justin Bieber do when he hosts the venerable comedy series to pimp his upcoming acoustic album. I'll settle for seeing no less than two of these three suggestions on air February 9. 

1) Bieber should tell Bill Hader's Stefon about BRRRRRR!, the hottest club in Ontario. It's known for the Groupie Snoopy, which is that thing when you dress a midget Belieber up as a dog and feed them peanuts out of your coif.

2) The teen heartthrob must don a red tracksuit and compete with Jason Sudeikis' "What's Up With That?" character in a dance-off.

3) Show up stoned and blow all of his lines. 

Kidding, kidding! He's a good boy.