February 17, 2013


Beyonce Documentary Shows Off Blue Ivy

Beyonce’s highly-anticipated "Life Is But a Dream" documentary premiered last night on HBO and featured Queen Bey... basically just being Queen Bey. But the most transfixing part of the film didn't come till the end—and didn't center on Beyonce at all. Instead it was rare glimpses of baby Blue Ivy Carter. Yes, we saw Blue Ivy as a wee newborn, but she is now, amazingly, 13-months-old.

"Life is the greatest show on Earth," Beyonce announced, before telling her daughter to, "Say hi to the mic." With that, Blue Ivy, wearing a lovely summer white dress, came on-screen to stare wide-eyed at the camera before being whisked away.

Blue Ivy appeared moments later being cradled in the arms of her mother. And though we only saw her for a short period, we can safely say, as of now, that Blue Ivy looks just like her daddy. Can an HBO special of her own really be too many years away?