March 19, 2013


Sorry World, Psy's New Song is Not Called "Assarabia"


UPDATE (3/20): As Psy tweeted to Billboard, the song is called "Assavaria" and won't be a single anyway. Non-crisis averted!

Psy stirred some major sh-t late last year when footage of him singing anti-American lyrics was uncovered. So, to avoid any type of backlash with his future music, he’s taking every precaution necessary—even reworking the title to his tentative next single.

News hit that Psy’s new song may be titled “Assarabia.” The word is a South Korean slang term used to express thrills and unrelated to anything about asses or Arabia, so throw any clever puns you were making in your head away. 

But Psy said to avoid offending or coming off as derogatory to Arabs, he will change the song title and select lyrics in the song. The K-pop king is still deciding if the track will be the official "Gangnam Style" follow-up, but we have less than a month until the single is revealed at his Korean concert on April 13