March 24, 2013


Ultra Weekend Two: By the Numbers

Tim Mosenfelder
Tim Mosenfelder

There are so many over-stimulating sights and sounds happening simultaneously during Ultra weekend—neon clothing barely covering body parts of festivalgoers, dancing you didn't know existed, bass lines vibrating the entire ground of Bayfront Park... You could almost lose count.

Which is our inspiration behind our "by the numbers" list. Check out what you might have missed at Ultra (and a few things you're glad you did).

How many times I said "What?" before realizing someone was offering me Molly: 4 (I didn't take it)

The number of snacks in the press area: 1 (cubed cheese)

How many times Thievery Corporation asked "Miami, how you feeling?!": 6

How many times I heard Calvin Harris' Florence Welch-assisted "Sweet Nothing" between sets: 7

How many homemade mouse heads were in the crowd during Deadmau5's set: 7

On a scale of 1 to 10, how nuts people went when Calvin Harris played "We Found Love": 36

How many Skrillexes and Zedds we saw in a golf cart together: 1 (of each)

Number of people who asked which one Major Lazer is: 3

Freak-out level when Sean Paul hit the stage with Major Lazer: 100 air horns

How many times I heard DJs remix 2 Chainz "Birthday Song": 5

How many people I watched jump over the railing in front of me at the Live Stage: 60

How many people chicked out mid-jumping over the railing in front of me at the Live Stage: 1 :(

How many sexy lady dancer Snoop Lion had with him: 3

How many college girls' butts I saw this weekend: OMG, so many. Honestly. It's crazy. I'll never be the same.