April 29, 2013


Kanye West's Sixth Album Is Complete!

Kevin Mazur
Kevin Mazur

Well, this is awesome news that confirms our SNL-related suspicions. According to Hot 97, Kanye West has completed work on his rumored sixth solo album, which is still untitled as far as we know.

"I just heard that Def Jam had a listening last week and everyone at the label listened to it and loved it," DJ Peter Rosenberg revealed. "I heard it's dark but really good."

Given that My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is one of the best albums of the 21st century, this is great news—especially since it seems 'Ye is continuing to explore the darker themes that made that landmark album so compelling. So those of us worried that impending fatherhood would soften 'Ye can breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Aside from it being done and "dark," we also know Daft Punk, Chief Keef and Azealia Banks logged some studio hours with him in Paris recently. Speaking of their time with the G.O.O.D. Music honcho, the French dance duo said West was "screaming primally" during their recording session. And that was BEFORE Ray J dropped this "I Hit It First" video ridiculousness. So Kanye will probably have plenty of rage to vent when he plays the season finale of Saturday Night Live on May 18.