April 11, 2013


Riff Raff's Soap Opera Character Is a James Franco Slam

Paul Redmond
Paul Redmond

Although 2 Chainz' upcoming cameo on Law & Order: SVU is a higher profile get, it's safe to say Riff Raff just scored the craziest rapper-on-TV cameo of 2013. The corn-rowed MC will play a Miami art dealer on One Live to Life, the 43-year-old soap opera that's making its move to Hulu this spring.

As with 1/3 of all stories about Riff Raff, this one involves a James Franco diss. The "rap game Alicia Silverstone" is taking on a character named "Jamie Franko," a reference to the Academy Award-nominated actor Riff Raff claims stole his style for Spring Breakers.

While you wait for Riff Raff's return to TV (he got his start on the canceled series From G's to Gents), check out cartoon Riff Raff explaining his confounding tweets. You won't regret watching it.