March 12, 2013


Watch Cartoon Riff Raff Explain His Tweets

If you aren't already following Houston rapper Riff Raff on Twitter, you should change that. Now. @JodyHighroller delivers some of the strangest, most brilliant 140-character comments you'll find online.

But sometimes his Twitter can be a little vague. That's why Fuse sat down with Riff to help him illustrate the million dollar-logic behind his thoughts. Literally: We put Riff Raff in a cartoon world and let him run rampant. Because tweets like "Versace night vision," "Snowboarding on a mountain of 1989 Mazda Miata headlights" and "I dunk my Oreos in Jack Daniels" all make a lot more sense when you can see them animated. 

Watch cartoon Riff Raff explain his tweets above, and then hear him talk about James Franco aping his style in Spring Breakers