May 20, 2013


Beyonce's "Grown Woman" Leak Is Here

Possible Grown Woman Beyonce has been cagey this week, ducking pregnancy rumors, ruining the endings of movies she's in and telling press photographers to keep their lenses covered at her shows.

The BeyHive has apparently had enough, as a leak of "Grown Woman," which may or may not be on Bey's next album which may or may not be called Mrs. Carter and may or may not come out this year, surfaced Monday night.

Co-written by The-Dream, the Timbaland-produced track debuted, in snippet form, in Bey's Pepsi commercial last month before the singer performed the track in full at a Paris show later that month. Now, we maybe, sorta, kinda have the real thing, though caveat emptor: The official official official version may not be the same.

But if you just can't wait until Bey gives us a proper version, have a listen above. The most nominated woman in Grammy history asserts her place on the throne, singing with a swaggering confidence not seen since, well, her last song "Bow Down." (Sample lyric: "Now bitches, I run this!/I can do whatever I want.")

Musically, a chugging Afro-pop beat gives way to a full-blown African drum and vocal breakdown that will inevitably trigger numerous misplaced, but well-intentioned, "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" references. But yeah, any excuse to have African drums on a mainstream dance-pop track is good enough for us.