July 17, 2013


Nine Inch Nails Unveil 4 Different Covers for 'Hesitation Marks'

via NIN.com
via NIN.com

It's been a good year for Nine Inch Nails disciples: They revealed a secretly-recorded new album, dropped a kick-ass new single with a David Lynch-directed video AND they snagged Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham for a musical collaboration. Now, appreciators of the band's idiosyncratic cover art can rejoice, because the man behind The Downward Spiral's classic album artwork has created four separate Hesitation Marks covers for Trent Reznor.

Although all four new works from multi-media artist Russell Mills share a distinctive, handmade aesthetic, there's just enough unique about each one that stans won't feel "had" by ponying up cash for all four. For instance, if you look closely at the picture above, you can see that used matches line the left edge of the digital-only version [lower right], while the deluxe CD cover art includes a burnt-out Polaroid [upper right]. There are numerous inset pictures on the vinyl version [lower left] and the CD + digital pack [upper left] includes some smeared microscope slides.

You can check 'em out above and pre-order one or several or none of them over at NIN's official website. And if you haven't yet, watch that Lynch-helmed NIN music video for "Came Back Haunted."