August 8, 2013


You HAVE to See Beyonce's New Pixie Haircut


Guys. YOU GUYS. Are you sitting down? This is major.

Beyonce cut all of her hair off.

The "Bow Down" singer posted three new photos to her Instagram Thursday of what's about to become the most requested pixie cut of all time. ("Of all time!" repeated Kanye.)

From the looks of it, Bey chopped her long, blonde wavy locks in favor of an adorable little pixie cut (a bit reminiscent of her 'do when she played Etta James in Cadillac Records). Perhaps that whole hair-stuck-in-a-giant-industrial-fan incident really freaked her out. Or maybe Bey was inspired by Rihanna's latest makeover...?

Beyonce's stylist, Kim Kimble, felt a little torn about the cut. "I got a little teary eyed!" she told People. "I've been working for her so long, she has this beautiful long hair and it's hard to grow hair out. I feel like it's my hair, I work so much with her. I feel a little emotional but excited for her too." o_O

Anyway, cheers to Bey for having the cojones to actually chop her hair this short!