September 28, 2013


5 Best Life Lessons From Wayne Coyne's Gawker Interview

Taylor Hill/WireImage
Taylor Hill/WireImage

Everyone's favorite salt-and-pepper haired walking acid trip and kooky musician, the Flaming Lips frontman, Wayne Coyne, stopped by Gawker yesterday to answer readers' questions.

And after reading every response, we're pretty sure Wayne thought "answering questions" meant "giving life advice." Thus, we present to you a selection of the best morsels of advice from Chicken Soup for the Wayne Coyne Soul:

1. Avoid orgies…or don't:

"I thought about orchestrating orgies...but it always feels too dorky in real life, but it is fun to try...!!!"

2. The secret to a great Halloween costume/Flaming Lips concert attire:

"You should be as elaborate and as freaky as possible...dressing up like johnny depp isn't scary. We mean like you should come dressed as not just an alien, but an alien in a spaceship with outer space trailing behind it...that would be a great costume!!"

3. For a good time, hang with Ke$ha:

"Favorite artist to collaborate with has been Ke$ha cause she's so much fun to be around..

"I don't really know if she does any drugs...she don't need 'em!! She comes across like she's on 10 hits of acid, 10 lines of coke, 10 red bulls, and 10 hits of molly...all the time...I've seen her sleep and she even sleeps like she's jacked up on some crystal meth!!"

4. If you suffer from "fomo," you are not alone. Take a deep breath:

"Festivals are kind of entertainment overload. The minute you settle in to see one group, you kinda dread what other groups you're missing. A word has just been added to the dictionary this year, "fomo", that describes this anxiety."

5. The secret to raising children: cut their teeth with the Flaming Lips—and eleminate any type of formal schooling:

"I think there is mounting evidence that all children are made better, stronger, kinder and funner from having listened to flaming lips music!! It should replace exercise, art, and perhaps, arithmetic in all schools!!! "

All right boys and girls! That's all for now from Wayne's little corner of the world! Stay tuned for Chicken Soup for the Wayne Coyne Soul II, where your favorite Okie dishes on the myriad benefits of bringing inactive grenades into airports and much, much more!