November 19, 2013


10 Most Emo Lyrics on Chris Brown's Confessional New 'X Files' Mixtape

Nearly fours years after his pre-Grammys domestic assault incident with then-girlfriend Rihanna, Chris Brown is still in a tough spot, shouldering legal troublesmedical woes and constant album delays now pushing his sixth LP, X, to next year. Brown's not happy, and he's venting his subsequent heartbreak and depression on his new surprise mixtape, X Files

Announced just yesterday, the six-track mixtape dropped today to keep fans happy until the LP eventually arrives. It spotlights the sensitive side of Breezy—a side you probably forgot existed. Like most humans, the guy cries and worries when his significant other doesn't pick up the phone. On confessional R&B jam "Love 2 Remember," Brown even reveals contemplating suicide.

The EP boats two club bangers—Busta Rhymes collabo "Sweet Caroline" and bonus track "Main Chick"—but the predominant vibe is more emo Drake than the cocky Chris Brown listeners have come to expect.

Here are the 10 moments most touching and poignant moments on the mix tape. Listen along above!

10. "I'm trying to make peace, babe / These tears run down my face / So I close my eyes / But we both cry" —"Love 2 Remember."

9. "Baby, I just had a long day / I know you didn't see my missed calls / I done called you a thousand times / I guess you're out clubbing" —"Waiting."

8. "Baby, I want to know / Can you love me? / You know I'd do anything, girl! / I don't want to waste your time / I put my heart on the line for you" —"Fantasy."

7. "Got my cell phone speed dial / 911 / I got a hole in my heart / One bullet and a gun" —"Love 2 Remember."

7. "I made you cry a thousand times when I went missing / Sorry I hurt you / I just want you to know that / I love you!" —"Waiting."

6. "What's the point of having the crown / If you ain't got a throne? /  If you king / You need a queen" —"War for You."

5. "Got my cell phone speed dial / 911 / I got a hole in my heart / One bullet and a gun" —"Love 2 Remember."

4. "Why do we argue? / Why do we scream? / I wish it was better / I don’t want you to leave" —"Love 2 Remember."

3. "She know I'm hiding all this pain inside / Plus she never seen a n***a cry / Back and forth with the games, girl you played me / This ain't what I wanted" —"Waiting."

2. "You say this is it, baby baby / She say she's tired of my sh-t / She want to quit / The funny thing / I've been good to her, not doing sh-t"  —"Love 2 Remember."

1. "So sick and tired of drinking this bottle / Contemplating a pill overdose / I think this one shot will stop the pain / Now, I'm sleeping / I just wanted you to love me"  —"Love 2 Remember."