November 19, 2014


The Complete Guide to One Direction's 'FOUR'

The Buildup

After three wildly successful albums in three years—Up All Night, Take Me Home and Midnight Memories—the British boy band are at it again with FOUR, their appropriately titled fourth full-length. The album is scheduled to drop November 17 via Syco/Columbia Records. The guys also shared "Fireproof," the first song from the record. Read more about it here.

One Direction are under a five-year, five-album contract with Sony. This means the album that drops later this year may very well be their second to last with the label. Eeeep!

News of their fourth follows fear that the heartthrob of the group—Harry Styles—might pull a Justin Timberlake and leave the band. The International Business Times reported that the 20-year-old pop star has started recording on his lonesome, a myth the 1D team quickly debunked

In early November the deluxe version of FOUR leaked, exposing the internet (and you!) to "Act My Age," "Illusion," "Change Your Ticket," and "Once in a Lifetime." Listen on Tumblr and check out our reading of the album's lovelorn lyrics here!

What to Expect

Music for Boys! At least, that's what Liam Payne said in a Capital FM interview. "People say we don't work hard and it's all a game and whatever. We just wanna make good music. This album... honestly, every lad out there tonight who's thinking One Direction are this and that—pick up our next album and see what you feel."

This won't be their last album. 1D mastermind Simon Cowell told Capital FM, "The album's fantastic. There's probably five or six tracks I've already heard that could be singles. There's some very different kinds of songs than what we've done before, they've taken a few more risks. Most importantly, the boys love writing, they love recording," Cowell continued. "I went on Twitter recently to say I don't think they're going to split up, they're having too good a time! I think they could be doing this five, ten, twenty years if they wanted to!"

On October 16, the boys shared some exciting news. "If you pre-order the deluxe edition of our new album before on iTunes you'll receive not three, not four, but five tracks before the album has even been released," Liam Payne shared on the band's YouTube page. That's right, kids. Five songs will be floating around the internet before the November 17 release date. Get pumped!

The tracks, it turns out, were "18," "Girl Almighty," and "Fools Gold." The rest have yet to be announced.


The album boasts a long list of collaborators (both rumored and confirmed.) Hopefully this means an eclectic album from our favorite Brits! 

- Ed Sheeran: That's right, 1D has teamed up with the "Sing" musician once again! In an interview with MTV, Louis and Zayn confirmed the collaboration, Louis describing the tune as  sounding “more slow then stadium rock.” "The one that he wrote, more of a ballad," Zayn continued, "But I think we are going in that kind of lane. It sounds cool, we’ll take that.” That's alright with us!

Emeli Sandé & Naughty Boy: At least, the pair have recorded with Zayn Malik. British DJ Naughty Boy tweeted, "sick studio vibes with @emelisande & @zaynmalik - forget what you think you know. #doitanyway" 

Apparently the track Zayn wrote with Naughty Boy is one of Simon Cowel's favorites. It's rumored to be titled "One Chance To Dance."

Pharrell: So there's no real proof for this one, but Liam did admit that the two were buds. Pictures of the two in the studio have also surfaced so... here's hoping?

John Legend: Harry Styles has been writing with singer-songwriter John Legend for contestants on the British X Factor, if you believe the tabloidsX Factor contestants Alex and Sierra are quoted as saying, "Our favorite [song] is one that Harry Styles wrote with John Legend. It's beautiful and lovely. [Harry] is actually an amazing writer, he's pitched us a few other good ones and they're really good." Could this mean there will be some sultry songs co-written by Legend on the new 1D?

The 1975: At least, frontman Matthew Healy. His mother, Denise Welch told Digital Spy, "He's writing a song for them. I'm friends with Harry Styles's mom, Anne. I always know when she's tweeted me because I've got 27,000 of the 1D army and the 1975 army [on my timeline] and they go into meltdown."


Good Charlotte: The boys are definitely in the studio with the Madden brothers. "Good day today w/ @Louis_Tomlinson and @Real_Liam_Payne lotta laughs #1D #Directioners their new album is crazy. homies!! #Noice" tweeted Benji Madden back in March.

The bros posted a picture of Liam in a Madden sandwich and Louis tweeted, "Great working with the Good Charlotte boys today!!" It's safe to say there will be some collaboration between the boys and the pop-punkers on the new album. Joel Madden helped 5 Seconds of Summer on their first album, so perhaps a three-way collabo is underway?

- OneRepublic: Or at least, Ryan Tedder. MTV reports a source told them, "Harry and Ryan have been working on new material together. They’ve met a number of times before with the band but have never worked together properly. If there’s one person to get the best out of Harry, it’s Ryan. The new relationship will come in handy if Harry does try his hand at going solo." 

When asked about the 1D collabo, the cheeky Brit told the Guardian, "Is that the rumor? That's an interesting rumor. I don't know if I can confirm or deny that, but what I will say is that I did hang out with One Direction in London. It sounds completely generic to say, but I'm always impressed or extremely happy when I end up in the same room with a band who are at the stage of nuclear explosion in their career and they're so normal it almost turns you off." 

Coldplay: Or just recent divorcee and frontman Chris Martin? We could be grabbing at straws here, but Martin did fanboy out over the band, going on Radio 1 and declaring, "I'm saying One Direction are brilliant. I'm not kidding." 

- McFly & Busted: Niall Horan tweeted about working with the UK pop-punk band on March 18: "Last night I wrote a song with @Dannymcfly @dougiemcfly and @tommcfly, dougie went home, tom got peed on by his son, me and danny had curry." Possibly for the new record? Rumor has it McBusted (the two bands combined alias) want to keep the song. Is Horan up for the fight?

- Kodaline: It's only true when it's on Twitter. The Irish rock band wrote, "In the studio with @Harry_Styles in LA writing a tune, sounds massive. He's gone and done a drawing of us.. x" along with the picture the 20-year-old heartthrob drew.

- John Henry, Jamie Scott and Julian Bunetta:  Bunetta and Ryan helped create "Best Song Ever," while Scott worked on "Story of My Life." Who knows what kind of gems are in store for the new album! They're also the masterminds behind the first song off FOUR"Fireproof." In it the boys croon, "Nobody knows you the way I do / Nobody loves you, baby, the way I do." Swooning yet? It's likely Bunetta and crew will make another appearance on the album... only time will tell!

The Music

On Midnight Memories, the boys began incorporating folk and '80s arena rock into their sound. Expect more of that on their upcoming fourth album. 

Plus, they've begun to display some behind the boards talent, too. Liam Payne recently remixed 1D's current single, "You & I," which you can listen to below. The release dropped May 25. Could the new One Direction album include some production work from "Big Payno"? We're hoping so.

Naughty Boy has revealed that Zayn Malik is a great rapper but denies claims that he will lay down some lines for the new record. Bummer!

"Fireproof," the first song from the upcoming album, moves around a folksy guitar riff and is, well, classic 1D—a love song to get those teen hearts beating a little faster. Could it be the first single? 

One Direction shared their next single, "Steal My Girl," Monday September 29. The British boys premiered the synth-heavy song, exposing the world to a powerful chorus of "Everybody wanna steal my girl / Everybody wanna take her heart away / Couple million in the whole wide world / Find another one 'cause she belongs to me." Classic 1D! Check it out below!

Later the British band of boys released "Where Do Broken Hearts Go." Much like "Steal My Girl" and "Fireproof," "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" is an '80s-inspired power ballad. These boys are learning to be all about guitars!

The Tracklisting:
1. Steal My Girl
2. Ready To Run
3. Where Do Broken Hearts Go
4. 18
5. Girl Almighty
6. Fool's Gold
7. Night Changes
8. No Control
9. Fireproof
10. Spaces
11. Stockholm Syndrome
12. Clouds
Exclusive Bonus Tracks:
13. Change Your Ticket
14. Illusion
15. Once In A Lifetime
16. Act My Age

Because 1D rules, the guys uploaded nearly every song to the official VEVO page. Click and listen above!

Stay tuned to Fuse for up-to-date info on One Direction's upcoming release!