November 7, 2014


Top 10 Lovelorn Lyrics on One Direction's 'FOUR'

Jeff Kravitz/OneD/Getty Images
Jeff Kravitz/OneD/Getty Images

Get ready to melt! One Direction's fourth full-length, the appropriately titled FOUR, arrives November 17. By now you're more than familiar with the Fleetwood Mac channeling "Fireproof" and the lead single "Steal My Girl," but after the album mysteriously leaked on Tumblr, you've gotten a taste of the rest of the record. It delivers on what the boys promised: The tracks lean more towards rock and folk music than they've experimented with in the past.

Thematically, FOUR is a lovelorn album, the boys writing songs about ladies while giving them a bit more autonomy than women have had in their songs previously. (There's no "What Makes You Beautiful" here, sorry.) They're at the mercy of us, ladies! We listened to the leaks and compiled some of the most emotionally charged lines from the upcoming release. Check them out below! 

10. "She knows, she knows / That I've never let her down before / She knows, she knows / That I'm never gonna let another take her love from me now" - "Steal My Girl"

9. "I just can’t get enough of you / The battle’s now, my eyes are closed / No control" - "No Control"

8. "Who's this man that's holding your hand / And talking about your eyes / Used to sing about being free but now he's changed his mind / I know they'll be coming to find me soon / But my Stockholm Syndrome is in your room" - "Stockholm Syndrome"

7. "I got a heart and I got a soul / Believe me I, lose them both / We made a start ... Baby, I don’t want to feel alone" - "18"

6. "I’m only getting older, baby / And I’ve been thinking about you lately / Does it ever drive you crazy / Just how fast the night changes" - "Night Changes"

5. "I have loved you since we were 18 / Long before we both thought the same thing / To be loved and to be in love / And all I can do is say that these arms are made for holding you" - "18"

4. "There’s a lightning in your eyes I can't deny / Then there’s me inside a sinking boat running out of time / Without you I'll never make it out alive / But I know yes I know we’ll be alright" - "Ready to Run"

3. "So I built you a house from a broken home / Then I wrote you a song with the words you spoke / Yeah, it took me some time but I figured out / How to fix up a heart that I let down" - "Where Do Broken Hearts Go"

2. "I think I'm gonna win this time / Riding on the wind and I won't give up / I think I'm gonna win this time / I roll and I roll, 'til I change my luck" - "Fireproof"

1. "Waking up / Beside you I’m a loaded gun / I can’t contain this anymore / I’m all yours" - "No Control"

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