May 21, 2014


Infinite Mix K-Pop & '80s Grooves in "Last Romeo"

After wrapping their first world tour late last year, K-pop boy band Infinite make their grand return to the scene with the '80s-influenced "Last Romeo."

Nostalgic listeners and Top 40 fans should equally enjoy the septet's latest. The production screams '80s—twinkling synths, screeching electric guitars, tinny drums—while the boys pack in powerful belting and swift rapping. With lyrics pleading with their love to trust them, Infinite blend each part to create a fast-paced, emotionally-tinged dance track.

In its accompanying video—which has racked up a half-million views in less than 24 hours—the boys certainly look like they could play anyone's Romeo. The guys alternate from looking like fashionable Prince Charmings in white suits to edgy bad boys in their all-black leather attire. And, hey, if you like your guys with blue hair, well, rapper Hoya rocks some turquoise-dyed locks just for you.

The boys kill it on the choreography front, moving seamlessly as one in the group choreography. But we can't help but notice how much more mature Infinite look since we last hung out with them, especially youngest member Sungjong!

"Last Romeo" is the lead single off Infinite's second full-length album Season 2. Fingers crossed they return stateside to promote it.