June 8, 2014


Kanye West Debuts New Stage Set-Up At X-Games

Gary Miller/Getty Images
Gary Miller/Getty Images

When Kanye West announced that he'd be bringing the Yeezus show to the main stages of Bonnaroo and Outside Lands this summer, plenty were curious about how the massive arena production would work in an outdoor setting. What's gonna happen with that massive cliff? Won't those elaborate, full-face masks be a bit stifling in the hot summer heat? What about those creepy dancers?

Thankfully, Kanye isn't shaking things up too much--he's mostly adapting the most striking images of the Yeezus set by changing things up and keeping the vibe intact. Kanye debuted a new set-up at the X-Games last night, complete with tons of shadows and rock formations akin to the huge pieces he'd previously incorporated into his tour. 

Expect to see plenty of videos--that massive screen is nothin' to mess with--and a nearly identical setlist to what we've seen from Yeezus live so far. The X-Games didn't catch a glimpse of "God Level," but here's hoping the crowds in Manchester and San Francisco will coax some previously unheard hits-in-the-making from the rap juggernaut.