August 18, 2014


Charli XCX Drops A Party Anthem All Her Own with "Break the Rules"

Gary Miller/WireImage
Gary Miller/WireImage

Charli XCX is no longer the girl guesting on other people's hits, but a full-fledged pop star with a penchant for impossible-to-get-outta-your-head tracks perfect for a dance party.

Exhibit A: "Break The Rules," Charli's latest and a song off Sucker, her forthcoming sophomore release and the follow-up to 2013's True Romance. As we've seen with her cameo on Iggy Azalea's meteoric smash "Fancy," Charli's got pipes and attitude for days, and both come to a glorious head on this rebellious club banger here.

Listen to the Song of the Day below, and stay tuned for more tracks from Miss Charli!