October 23, 2014


It's Officially "IGGY SZN" on Iggy Azalea's New Single

We know that Halloween hasn't even rolled around yet (let alone Thanksgiving), but anyone with earbuds and a pulse can tell you one thing about 2014: It's Iggy Azalea's year, and we're just flipping the pages of its calendar. 

With "Fancy," she had everyone reminiscing about their favorite scenes from Clueless with Charli XCX. With "Problem," she joined Ariana Grande on one of the most replayed hits of the summer. And with "Black Widow," Iggy and Rita Ora took a page out of Kill Bill's playbook for a seriously scintillating, lethal take on love gone awry. Now, Iggy's letting all of that get to her head in a good way, and she's letting us all know that it's "IGGY SZN" and The Realest is still open for chart-topping business.

Talk of excess, VIP status, Birkin bags and swagger abounds, but her trademark frankness is what stands out the most on the track: "If I told you what i'm worth, you would throw up / So have my money on top when I show up" is just one of the many verses she spits that shows why she's relishing her spot at the top at the moment. Bad bitches say "YASS" to that, for sure, and we're sure she ain't leavin' anytime soon, as the end to "IGGY SZN" isn't really in sight just yet.

Listen to "IGGY SZN" in full below, and don't forget to head on over to Top 40 and vote for your girl, whose "Fancy" could very well take the title for the video of the year!