November 30, 2014


Recap: All of Fuse's 'Top 40' Videos of 2014

UPDATE: That's a wrap! We counted down our Top 40 videos of 2014, now click through for a full recap of Top 40 of 2014 – Including your No. 1 video that was chosen by millions of fan votes over six intense rounds!

It's got stiff competition from 2013, but make no mistake: 2014 was the Year of the Earworm. You will never, ever think of American Apparel underwear the same way thanks to 5 Seconds of Summer, and the mere mentions of "monsters" and "muppets" conjure images of Eminem and Ed Sheeran faster than you can press "Play."

The hooks of 2014 were that irresistible and unforgettable. They worked themselves into your brain after half a listen. They held fast to your eardrums as Katy Perry made costume changes, Nicki Minaj reworked hip-hop classics and Ariana Grande teamed up with nearly every major pop mover and shaker in the game. This year's hits were strong enough on their own, but the top videos of 2014 were just as eye-catching as the tracks were addicting, from A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera's "Say Something" to Zedd and Hayley Williams' "Stay The Night" and every visual in between. 

Which is where you come in: On November 29, Fuse will air our Top 40 of 2014 video countdown. And it's up to you to decide what artist hits No. 1. So click through this nomination gallery to see why 2014 was one of the most shocking, sultry, stunning and visually-stimulating years in pop music ever. Then make sure to cast your votes for the best music video of the year.

#1Wiz Khalifa, "We Dem Boyz"

The Blacc Hollywood single paved the way for Wiz Khalifa to throw a proper block party that had a whole neighborhood dancing—or at least it did for its video. "We Dem Boyz" is a lesson in Peak Wiz, with the rapper inhaling more smoke than oxygen while rallying crowds before the party erupts around him. He's in his element, and that's what makes "We Dem Boyz" one of Wiz's most genuinely enjoyable music videos to date.

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