January 13, 2015


Stream Fall Out Boy's 'American Beauty/American Psycho' Now


Latest Development

Fall Out Boy is streaming American Beauty/American Psycho one track at a time Tuesday, January 13. Listen on their YouTube page by clicking here!

Release Date

American Beauty/American Psycho drops January 20.

The Buildup

It's been a little less than two years since Fall Out Boy attempted to Save Rock 'n' Roll but the pop-punk prodigies are at it again, as they told BBC Radio 1 host Zane Lowe that their sixth studio album is on the way.

Fans of the band knew this was coming. In September FOB released the massive "Centuries" before heading into experimental territory with the exotic "Immortals" for the Big Hero 6 soundtrack. They also shared the title track, a cinematic anthem not unlike early Panic! At the Disco.

"She's an American beauty / I'm an American psycho" frontman Patrick Stump chants in the chorus of the tune, followed by descending "Whoa-oh!" gang vocals. Some of the verses are less serious, with Stump announcing "I think I fell in love again / Maybe I drank too much cough medicine." 

"It's a little bit wrong but it's the right thing for us to do," Pete Wentz told Zane Lowe of the single and the album on the whole. "Once we got that song and a few others, it really felt like the record came together as a body of work." Listen to it here!

Fall Out Boy also released a cryptic statement on their official website, loosely describing the album: "the moment where a shadow lets you know where the sun was streaming in. the odd place where light and dark meet. there is a threshold. we all can feel it- it is something palpable… the idea that no matter how much an animal is domesticated- there is still something wild in it. declawed but we take/make the best monsters. we semi-civilize them. we put bears in suits on tricycles. we keep wolves warm from the winter in hen houses. then we wonder why they maul the hearts of what we hold the most dear. but make no mistake you brought them into your house and thought they could become a pet. we have infiltrated you. now we are inside you like a disease. this is a modern love story- coming together and unraveling all at once.."

The Music

In a recent interview with BillboardFall Out Boy opened up about American Beauty/American Psycho, claiming that the album is influenced by the last 100 years of pop culture. 

"Without giving too much away, there are some nods to a lot of cultures," Patrick Stump shared. Pete Wentz agreed: "We included 100 years of the last culture. 50 wasn't enough for us." He spoke at length about the band's new identity, one that navigates the space between pop and arena rock. "We need to be relevant to pop culture, which means we need to be played on the radio," Wentz explained. "But we also need to care about our legacy and we want to play big shows. We want to play stadiums and arenas and amphitheaters and show kids in the crowd now that you can be a big currently relevant rock band, but you can also sell out arenas. And I think that's the statement we're trying to attempt with this record if anything. And hopefully it happens." 

The Chicago band also shared their love of '80s rock 'n' roll, sampling Mötley Crüe's "Too Fast for Love" on "American Beauty/American Psycho." Are the guys planning on going full-on hair metal?

Following the conceptual description the band gave for their upcoming American Beauty/American Pyscho album, Pete Wentz discussed the album's purpose and more concrete concepts in a new interview.

"Every time we put out a new record, we try to change it up a little bit," Wentz told Billboard. "We have maybe 80 percent of the record done and recorded and I think that there's some of it that's vastly more aggressive than Save Rock and Roll. With Save Rock and Roll, it could have been a one-and-done kind of thing. Had there not been a worldwide reaction to it, I don't know we'd tour as a legacy band. Now, I think there's this infusion of energy and I want to get played on all radio formats. I want our band to be able to play festivals in Australia, in Japan, in the U.K. And I think we still need to prove that. I think that some people could still see it as a thing that just happened once and that's what the record is an attempt at. I'd say is that it's more Fall Out Boy and less features."

He added that the current political landscape in America is influencing the band's lyrics. 

"I've been inspired to write about what I saw and my take of what was going on in Ferguson," he said. "I don't think that means it's super political…now that I have kids, the idea that an unarmed kid could get shot and the conversation is about whether he did something right or wrong, the uproar should be that our own teenagers shouldn't be getting shot. I think that will influence the lyrics. 

"The idea behind some of the songs is addressing modern love or what's going on with my head and my life than Save Rock and Roll did. I think Save Rock and Roll was a little more broader when it came to that."


1.) Irresistible 
2.) American Beauty/American Psycho
3.) Centuries
4.) The Kids Aren't Alright
5.) Uma Thurman
6.) Jet Pack Blues
7.) Novocaine
8.) Fourth of July
9.) Favorite Record
10.) Immortals
11.) Twin Skeletons (Hotel in NYC)