Jennifer Lawrence found herself with a momentous hit single when her recording of haunting Hunger Games song "The Hanging Tree" made a huge splash on the Billboard charts. Apparently, some of the franchise's execs wanted to make it an even bigger hit and put together a pop-radio remix of the track in a move reminiscent to Pitch Perfect's unlikely Anna Kendrick hit "Cups."

Listen to the new version below that adds finger snaps and bouncy synths to J.Law's raspy delivery before the sweeping dance breakdown with cinematic violins and crunchy percussion. A chorus of voices drops in on the last round for a very house-y ending.

Fans of the books will remember that "The Hanging Tree" is the creepy childrens' song that Hunger Games heroine Katniss Everdeen was taught by her father. It's not meant to be danced to in its original form and the remix is dividing fans. Some say a "techno-poppy" rework ruins its initial meaning while others think a good song has become even better with the potential to smash on the radio.

What are your thoughts on the remix? Listen above and sound off below!