January 8, 2015


Action Bronson Shares Self-Assured "Actin Crazy"

Add this one to your most anticipated albums of 2015 list: Action Bronson has returned! The hilarious hip hop artist will be unveiling Mr. Wonderful on March 24 via Vice/Atlantic Records. Bronson announced the release date by sharing a fierce new track, "Actin Crazy," produced by long-time Drake collaborator 40.

The song is classic Bronson, featuring strange allusions to O.J. Simpson, Studebaker and Anita Baker. Quirky is an understatement for the tune, which mostly deals with Bronson's meteoric career arc. It begins and ends the same way, celebrating his work ethic: "Opportunity be knockin' / Let a motherf*cker in." Listen to it above!

Bronson first announced his new album last May, describing it to NME, "The whole album is a standout. I don't care about individual songs, I'm trying to make a complete, classic project. I just do my music uninfluenced by anybody else, or current trends, and it comes together at the end. Nothing needs to have a f*cking theme all the time. This is just rap. I'm not trying to make people think I'm some sort of scientific wizard or inspirational poet. F*ck that! It's just happy, funny, rugged, rough rap." 

In an exclusive interview with Fuse, the rapper revealed that the title comes from "very tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic, Jewish, Brooklyn mother," who would call him "Mr. Wonderful" after he'd "do something wrong and [was] a sh*thead." 

Watch the full Fuse interview here and keep checking back for more on Bronson's upcoming release!